Q. Can I pick up channels on my new flat screen Television set, with Freeview built in, off a Sky dish?

A. No, the two Freeview Systems are completely different. The Satellite system runs off a Satellite dish, while the Terrestrial (UHF) system runs off a UHF aerial.

Q. Which system is better?

A. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. eg:-

Terr. System
You can get some channels in High Definition (TV1/2/3).
If you have several Terrestrial TVs you can just connect them all to a UHF aerial.

The UHF signal must be very strong, and it isn't available everywhere.
You must buy another (PVR) unit to record the digital signal.

Sat. System
It's available everywhere in New Zealand.
You can record off it onto your existing VCR or DVD.
You can access channels off other satellites.

You can't get High Definition, unless you buy an "Up scaling" receiver.
If you have several TVs, you must buy a satellite receiver for each TV.

So the best system for you depends on where you live, how many TV sets you have, whether you like to record programs, whether you want to watch channels from other countries, etc. - Please contact us if you need more clarification or information on any of these points.

Q. What is the advantage of "Twin" and "Triple LNB" Systems?

A. There are several Satellites above New Zealand and you might have Freeview Satellite and want to pick up some Arabic channels. Or you might have the Christian channels and want to get Freeview. Normally we would install a second dish and receiver, but we can now achieve the same thing by fitting a "Twin or Triple LNB" system to your existing dish and reprogramming your Satellite Receiver. Be aware though, that not all Satellite Receivers are capable of picking up two or more satellites.

Q. What is the "Rainbow Connection" that Kermit sings about and why do rainbows seem to be so special?

A. Read Genesis 9:12-17 in the Bible. The rainbow is God's special sign to remind us that he will always keep his promises.